Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Hobbit World Premiere!!! (Part 1)

Yes, this is the post I've been delaying for two weeks now . . . drum-roll please!!!

I went to see the Hobbit world premiere in Wellington!!! 

I must say, most of the time we in New Zealand are at a major disadvantage compared to the rest of the world: we're just so far away from everything and it costs so much to go anywhere! So events like this are really excting as the whole country is able to be show-cased to the rest of the world (a rare occurance), and everyone gets behind it. 

I used to live in Wellington, and it was amazing to go back and see it decked out in many different hobbit-styled decorations. They had renamed it 'Middle of Middle Earth' especially for the occassion. I thought I'd share with all you bloggers who are fans of Tolkien's works some pictures our family took while around the city. And no, I am not joking, all of these photos were taken by my family while in Wellington, none of them are off the internet!

On the Tuesday (day before the Premiere)

This is a picture of us driving up to Wellington. I am on the left and a German girl who has been staying with some friends of ours from church is on the right. We spent the trip chatting excitedly from the back (as you can see, the middle of our van was taken up with a bike, as Dad wanted to bike around Wellington to save having to waste time finding parking spaces close to the premiere).

 We visited some Lord of the Rings sites located in and around Wellington. In this picture I (Violet) am sitting at the location where they filmed this scene (which anyone who has seen Lord of the Rings will recognise!)

Wellington airport was SO cool - decked out in Gollum trying to catch a fish! I must say, I personally prefer the one they used to have on the outside with him trying to catch the ring (see this image): when that one was up, it was truly terrifying! It's a bit unclear in these pictures, but the level of detail on Gollum was quite extrordinary - he had dirt up his arms and under his fingernails and everything! :p

 Having seen that, we went down to the bottom floor of the airport where yet more hobbit-related things greeted us! This was where you collected your bags and had been done up in quite a clever way.

Can you spot Bilbo through the window?

I loved this sign!!!

On the road along the airport, they had put massive pictures of all of the dwarves plus Bilbo and Gandolf, of course we couldn't resist taking photos of all of that too! (We must have looked so touristy, never mind the fact that we had lived in the area for years)! :p

My mum standing between Gandolf and Bilbo!

Yes, all those period drama fans, it's Richard Armitage from North and South!

My mum did all the posing - I was too photo-shy!

I'm telling you, this thing was HUGE and so LONG - my mum gives a good indication of its size.

There! Hopefully I didn't leave any of our photos out! If that wasn't enough, as soon as we turned the corner, we saw this:

 Of course, our day would not have been complete without a trip to the Hobbit Artisan Market.

My Dad standing in the middle of the entrance!

The tents! Te Papa (our main museum) is just behind to the right.

The media were everywhere.

Waitangi Park had a big screen up and people did all sorts of activities.

Look Daisy! It's a real reluctant dragon! :D
Wellington waterfront (see if you can spot Bilbo and some dwarves!)

Bilbo on the NZ Post building!

As you can tell, we had some trouble trying to get it in the photo!

The dwarves + Bilbo

The dwarves!
 After sightseeing for quite a bit, we headed over to Fisherman's Table, a restaurant along Wellington's waterfront, and a family favourite of ours! :) I sincerely recommend that if you ever happen to be in Wellington you eat out there. Anyway, the cause for celebration was my parent's wedding anniversary as well as my graduation from high school. It was a really lovely outing, thanks Mum and Dad! <3

To end our evening, we went back to Waitangi Park (where the Hobbit Market was) and watched some of The Return of the King on the big screen there. All too soon, it was time to head over to where we were staying the night at a friend's house. What an amazing day!

Watch this space for a post devoted to premiere ramblings soon! :)



Hyacinth said...

Hey Violet!
Looks like you had a really enjoyable time! :) Nice photos! Wow, it's amazing what they did to the airport...that's pretty cool. :D
Hope you're having a nice week!
God bless,
Hyacinth ♥

Joanna said...

It looks like you had a great time! I couldn't believe how they decorated the airport like that! So cool! I can't wait to see The Hobbit, but it doesn't come out in the U.S. until December 14th. Gasp. Almost there. :)

Megan and Abby said...

So cool! I can't wait to see the movie! It must be really cool to have your whole country into the Hobbit like that.